Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a while.

On March 26th, our father passed away. He was a gardener and loved the earth. It was because of him that I began growing muscadine grapes. He had been in declining health, then fell on March 12th, went through surgery successfully, but his body just was not strong enough to take the trama. My 2 sisters, brother and I have had to pull together to close his gardening business which was hard emotionally and physically. But I feel he is proud of how we worked together to do this necessary thing. We were led to a young man, Morgan, who also has a love of the earth. He and his father will be leasing the farm land and helping to keep it going. This has brought us much peace and joy. This special young man will be there to pick the blackberries, the blueberries, the muscadine grapes, to plant the tomatoes that people in the community have come to love from our father's garden. We are sure Daddy is pleased with this.

This is Memorial Weekend. So we honor the memory of our father today and what he has meant to us and his country in serving in the army as a machine gunner during WWII and in the Army Reserves when he returned home. He later captained a survey boat, the Gillette, for the Army Corp of Engineers and worked the farm he loved until his body would not allow him to do it anymore...and that was just the week before he fell.

We love you, Daddy and miss you.