Sunday, February 12, 2012

Evening out at Grietje's Garden

The Evening Out at the Vineyard was a very nice event. Here are some photos taken by my friend, Lori. Hope it gives you a warm impression of the atmosphere. Each centerpiece was a teapot with 3 red hearts, silver and gold accents, rosemary, a lavender butterfly and clippings from the muscadine vines. At the base, golden grapes enhanced the arrangement. Red chargers, placed at each setting, contained a napkin with a special chocolate kiss. Our performers were the Grove Trio with Brenda Wallace, Clay Lunsford and JP Vanhoy. Our meal was prepared by Marty and Stephanie Cass. Lori McKay and Amy Howell worked with care to make sure each guest was served for the evening. We were all very tired after the event, but a good tired. I am thankful to be blessed with such good friends and the opportunity to share the vineyard with them all.

I have to acknowledge our son, Adam, for helping me with the staining of the concrete floors and our son, Jesse for also helping with the clean up from the staining so I could put the sealer on the floor and hanging the mirrors and other art work for me. Our son, Reuben made the wooden table at the entrance of the building and also the 3 wooden wine containers. Jesse's wood crafts are also displayed in the building and of course, Adam's expertise in building the facility is there. Reid has helped with the landscaping and other needed Honey do's. I appreciate all their love and support.