Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My muscadine value-added products

These are 3 of the value added products made from my scuppernong/muscadine grapes.  From left to right, Muscadine syrup, Muscadine cider, and Muscadine vinaigrette. I also have a l00% Muscadine juice made from my Black Noble Muscadines. There are also 2 jellies: regular Muscadine jelly and a pepper Muscadine jelly. I am so proud of the art work on the label! I just found out I am a finalist for a RAFI grant. I am so excited. With this, I should be able to purchase a crusher and other equipment to begin processing some of my grapes myself. I hope to at least be able to make my own jellies on site. My interview as a finalist is next Tuesday, Feb. 1st. I pray I can present myself in such a way that this effort is successful.

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