Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love those grapes!

It is so much fun watching the grandchildren eat the muscadines. They have the technique down pretty good. I like to wear a bandana when I am working. They call it a pirate hat. Maybe these pirates are stealing my grapes! The boys are already asking me when the grapes will be ready. The oldest grandson, Jacob, says he will help me with the vineyard when he grows up. I will probably hold him to it. In fact, he really enjoys the farm. Mercedes, our oldest granddaughter, showed her first heifer at the state fair this year. Jacob will show his first this next year. He has already picked out the calf  he will show and named it Calfie. Earlier this week, the boys visited us for a few days. They "helped" me work in the blueberries for awhile. By that I mean about 5 minutes. We were trying to get out the dead grass and weed roots that might come back this year. Jacob kept holding up a clump of roots and would say is this roots. So, at least he knows what a root looks like. Of course he also asked me if the blueberry plants were weeds to be pulled up too. I think we have that straight now. So many children do not get the opportunity to learn about these things. I am thankful we can share these experiences with our grandchildren

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  1. Just caught this post-love it! I look forward to regular posts of your life in the vineyard!