Monday, November 28, 2011

Alcohol Free Venue

Customers ask, "Where is your wine?".  "If you'd let that ferment, I'd buy it."  I guess when the word "vineyard" is heard...the first thought is that there is a wine. Well, I've taken a different approach with Grietje's Garden Vineyard. Here there is muscadine cider blush- a mix of muscadine and scuppernong juices from our grapes, 100% muscadine juice, 100% scuppernong juice, muscadine alcohol free wine, scuppernong alcohol free wine, muscadine vinaigrette, syrups and jellies.

Why no wine? I'll have to admit that I enjoy a glass of muscadine wine in my home and occasionally out. I know my limitations. I may go months without having a glass of wine. But I do not want to market...push to sell a product that might cause harm to someone else or to their family. I've seen too much what alcoholism can do to a family. Enough said about that.

Now I have value-added products that most adults and children can enjoy. The Farm Distribution Center is a family friendly venue. And that's what a farm should be. :)

This is a photo from our recent Holiday Craft event discussed on another post. It was a good day of sharing and family time.

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